Saturday, 8 November 2008

Silas day 20

Well he was a lot brighter late last night and in the early hours of this morning. He even tried to climb the poo pile to follow me when I left him to go and see Rory and Hooty so I had to let him through into the taped off section of paddock. He was trying very hard to skip but his legs won't let him. He has done some fantastic poo so long may THAT continue. He's fed well, his appetite is up and down so when we take a feed up and he shows little interest we usually leave him another hour and try again and that is usually successful.

This morning we picked up a 10kg bag of Vetpro foal milk from Farmlands and by my mental calculations, it will last us 4 days, which means we should order another bag on Monday and basically have a running order. It is $256/10kg so have calculated it will cost us around $6k in milk powder alone to get him to weaning age - Good grief! He may find himself weaned a little earlier than normal with costs like that but, whatever it takes to get him big and strong! He is loving his Dunstan foal meal and the grass that we pick him so we will continue to encourage him to eat that in the hopes that he can supplement his milk nicely.

We just have to sort these legs out, they continue to worry me and will do so for some time I suspect. He got himself up once today but every other time, he tried but needed help. I am encouraged by his appetite. Oh, and his temperature was back under 39 as well, which is good.

We have the first of the outside mares arriving this afternoon. This is not a booked mare but a return service from last season - this lovely mare arrived quite late in the season and is a little older and a maiden - she did not conceive and had some pooling in her uterus so she has been flushed and PG'd and is primed and ready to roll. So, finger's crossed for this time around. I have had to stall a couple of mare owners because of Silas but can't hold off for much longer as we have a busy season ahead!

And, good news! Had a call from Petra's 'Mum' this morning. Petra (crossbred mare by Doug Isaacson's lovely SJ stallion 'It's About Time') foaled overnight. No surprises that she has produced a grey colt with a star and two white sox. Good old Hamish does love to stamp them! Now I am eagerly awaiting photos!!!! Mare owner is thrilled - Always a plus to have a happy customer. Must give the boy a carrot later, although I think a mare is probably even better, lol!

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  1. Well, that's sounding more positive Lou! Thank goodness. He is just such a handsome wee man!!