Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Me and my Meg

Meg has only had sporadic work over the summer - focus being on Brennan and me being rather busy with work. She is such a good girl tho - we just pick up where we left off every time. Love her. We've been working on getting our walk to canter. It's very hard for a big girl like Meg to achieve but she tries so hard. I think my weight loss is possibly helping too (she now has 20kg less to carry) but boy oh boy do I need to go back to getting lessons (and still have a few kgs to drop)! Nick was awesome and came up and took a few photos of my ride yesterday so here are a couple of my favs and a wee video. 

Letting off some steam - Wheee!
What goes up ...
Pretty girl, trying hard
Work it, work it!
Yeah ok, so we're probably not destined for 4* glory
Good girrrrrrl
Gettin' her professional trot on
A gallop reward

 Walk to canter practice and a teeny embarrassingly bad jump effort