Thursday, 6 October 2011

October Special and Breeding Plans for this season

Rightio, in a push to encourage mare owners to get their bookings in I have decided to offer a 10% discount on all contracts received with booking fees paid by the end of this month. I know as much as anyone how tough it is out there at the moment but believe that people should still feel that breeding a foal of their own is within their financial grasp so I am trying to make it as affordable as I possibly can whilst also endeavoring to see my two lovely boys patronised this season. We have had a lot of interest and inquiries so hopefully this offer will spur some of you into action.

And, now to my plans for my own mares this breeding season. I have a number of breed-able mares here, including my lovely 23 year old Kingsway Diamond mare, Maude, my sweetheart Laughtons Legend mare, Hooty and my wonderful Clydesdale mare, Meg. My own personal financial situation at the moment means that I am hesitant to breed more than one foal this coming season but I also really don't want either of my lovely older girls sitting around empty when I know they both are healthy and fertile and produce superb foals - Meg could have her first foal next season too. I have an in-utero foal/mare lease contract that I am happy to send to anyone who might like to lease either of these girls and I am negotiable to a point on the details and costs. It's a great opportunity to breed a foal from a top quality mare without having to outlay on the purchase of the mare or deal with the breeding side of it all.

Wynyard Night Owl (Hooty) - Laughtons Legend x TB mare
Fantasy (Maude) - Kingsway Diamond x TB mare
Both photos were taken within the last week. Hooty is due to foal to Brennan in six weeks. Maude is empty and ready to breed now.

So, if you want to take advantage of any of these breeding offers, please fire me through an email on and we can talk :o)

Oh and Meg, of course

Sunday, 2 October 2011

October 2nd lesson

Back to the arena today for a lesson. A much politer pony to tack up and ever so obliging - Good boy! The lesson went well and today Becky focused Karen and Brennan on getting a more active working trot, encouraging Brennan to use his engine and really come through from behind. By the end of today's lesson, Brennan's over tracking at the trot was hugely pronounced and he was really going places! Fab!

Just a little distracted - this pic makes me laugh

The video is an unedited, warts and all collection of clips that I took today and yesterday.

Back to the Arena

Yesterday we took Brennan down to play in Becky's sandpit. He worked very well, even if he was a bit distracted whilst we got him ready (sheep + a brand new enormous pile of wood for splitting next to the stables not to mention the someone who was shifting cattle next door = brain overload!). Today it's back to the arena but this time for a lesson. Brennan is now ESNZ registered and has his first official first level start in two weeks. Watch out Bren, thinks are gettin' serious now!