Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Silas day 16, Pt II

Just got back from the 11pm feed. Silas was hungry! He stood unaided and drank 1 litre straight down and another 500ml in a couple of efforts, after a couple of pees and a bit of a walk around the paddock. He also had 40ml of strawberry flavour acidophilus yoghurt (all we had in the cupboard - a trip to the shops tomorrow methinks!). His temperature has been under 39 ALL DAY - it was 38.4 at 11pm. The thermometer was also easy to insert which means that his 'back passage' is clear. Please let this be him turning the corner. The milk mixture has been diluted to 50g/litre which is 1/2 the recommended rate but maybe his wonderful Clydesdale constitution is demonstrating that it really does not need lots of fat, gawd knows his mum used to do frighteningly well on grass alone for all but the last couple of month's lactation! He also downed a litre of electrolytes earlier tonight as well as having three litres of milk in a three hour period in the afternoon. He's still very sore but he has not been grinding his teeth today so something at least must be feeling a bit better. I am going to bed hopeful tonight ...

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