Saturday, 5 April 2008

Reilly gets out and about!

Today was a big day for Reilly as he had his first ridden outing. We just went down to the local pony club grounds and joined the Adult Riding Club during their XC practice.

We spent the first wee while with Reilly just drinking the atmosphere in. It was very low key but there was enough going on for his brain to be firing. After leading him around and letting him watch the horses jumping I took him back to the float and tacked him up. He stood beautifully. I used the float to mount and we wandered about taking it all in. He wanted to make friends with everyone but respected my wishes that he not approach or touch noses with any of the other horses. He was very respectful.

Of course I forgot his stallion tags so no-one knew he was entire but it didn't matter in the end as he was just so well behaved.

Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Showing Results!

Earlier in the year I entered Finn and Liath into Australia'sNational Online Foal Show. This was not just any online competition, it was a comp with real (internationally recognised) judges and prizes! As I was unable to register these boys with any breed societies, they were entered in the (hotly contested) non registered class and a progeny and breeders class (open).

The results were as follows:

Non Registered Foal: Liath, 2nd & Finn, 3rd

Progeny Group of 2 - Same sire: 2nd place

Breeders Group of 2: 2nd place

Well done boys and well done Hamish!

Monday, 31 March 2008


I had a totally unexpected email yesterday. It seems that the lovely TB mare that we had here for a few months over autumn/winter last season that we sent home basically assuming empty (owners elected not to scan and as we had seen absolutely no action, we assumed that she had gone anoestrus by the time she arrived) was in fact in foal and produced a lovely filly on Friday night!!! Knock me down with a feather! She is uber cute and by all accounts mum (who is a maiden) is doing a super job.


Phew! Stages ONE and TWO complete. Kenzie was moved to the yards on Saturday morning and Bados was yarded next to her HOWEVER it seems that the 150cm yards were not quite high enough and Kenzie escaped over the top after jumping (from a standstill no less!) right in front of us (thankfully). So, a 30 odd cm electric tape was erected above the top rail to provide a visual barrier (which had a bite!) and Bados was put into the same yard with Kenzie. Thank goodness for reasonable sized yards! They spent 48 hours in there together with regular mucking out (lots of poop!) and hay and feed. By day two there was a lot of mutual grooming going in and Kenzie appeared to be besotted by her new 'dad'.

Today Kenz and B were moved to the paddock adjacent to the main mob of horses. Great excitement ensued as the 'feral' herd raced up and down squealing and leaping and snorting and carrying on. Kenzie was on full alert with tail held aloft but good old Bados kept her in check and (reasonably) settled. We watched them for about half and hour until we were satisfied that Kenz was not going to try anything silly.

Next step will be to split the herd in half and introduce Kenzie and Bados back into a herd situation. Meg is fascinated by her little sister and Twinkle, who is Meg's constant companion, thinks she looks pretty cool too. I suspect we will put those four together to start and then take it from there.

KENZIE in her prison cell