Friday, 3 October 2008

Not much to report

So not a lot going on here right now, bit of a case of the calm before the storm I suspect. As I type this I am watching Hooty pacing her fenceline. She's a maiden mare so something of an unknown quantity but I would be surprised if she decided to foal a week early - still, anything is possible! I took a few photos of Maude and Aine earlier so have put them up.

Does my bum look big in this?
Strike a pose
Be a lert, the world needs more lerts!
Well Hi there

Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Just quickly ...

A very brief blog for today. A couple of pix of Aine, the first a particular favourite as captures that special moment between dam and foal. The cows are my two lovely heifers who we made the tough decision to send away this week. Tough times call for tough decisions. Nuff said.

Monday, 29 September 2008

Reilly packs a bit of a sad!

Today I moved Maude and Aine to a new paddock. This took them, oh, a whole 10 metres further away from Reilly. Clearly Reilly did not think this was such a great idea! That said, he packed his wee sad and then went back to the very important job of 're-fuelling'! He's such a dork!

Sunday, 28 September 2008

Tall foal?

Amy took some photos of me standing with Aine today so I thought I would pop them on here to give some idea of her size (I am sure she is not really this ar$e high but perhaps she is!). I am 167cm.
Looking less than impressed
Still looking less than impressed

Sunday Sunday

Hooray for daylight savings - the start of which was today. More time in the evenings to do stuff outside, yay! Two of our grazers are probably leaving today. The grass has started to grow where their owner lives and the tenant there is going to take care of them as part of her tenancy agreement. Be sad to see them go and will miss the extra income but it frees up some space for the other horses we have who will start arriving soon.

Interestingly Robbie has had no outside mares booked yet this season whereas both Hamish and Reilly have basically full books. Robbie was the most popular by about half again last season - not sure if it is just because it is still quite early or if people are a little less interested in the Clydie crosses. It will be interesting to see if he gets any bookings - to be honest I almost don't mind if he doesn't as we have our plates fairly full already with outside breedings. If the people that I have interested in leasing Hooty and Maude do decide to go ahead and breed them to Reilly, I definitely will not be accepting any more outside mares for him. I really need to get this sort of stuff organised and soon as the last thing I really want to do is muck anyone around!

We'll have two of Robbie's wives from last season coming in the next couple of weeks to foal here so it is definitely going to be all go! Had an email from a Canadian girl through HelpX yesterday so, all going to plan, we will have a willing and able assistant from mid October as well. Yay, because mucking out is becoming quite a job now and what with all the foals to handle, paddocks to muck out and mares to serve, it's going to be imperative we have a couple of extra hands around the place!

Aine is continuing to go from strength to strength although still spending too much time investigating her mother's poop! It makes it a LOT harder to pick up when it has been spread all over the place by a naughty little foal!

Today's pictorial offerings are just of Aine and Maude although Reilly managed to pop himself in there for a pose in his new pjs. The wind is so cold here today, he still has his pjs on and they will probably remain on all day. C'mon summer!!!

Reilly in his new PJ's

Maude & Aine running free

Quieter moments

Not done runnin'!

And some video with Dolly