Friday, 20 March 2009

Horse of the Year 2009

I LOVE Horse of the Year! We are very lucky to live a three-hour drive from Hastings, where the Horse of the Year show has been held for the last 10 (I think) years. This year was my fourth visit to Horse of the Year and I had a thoroughly enjoyable time, first helping out a friend in the Junior Sport Horse section on Thursday and following that up with a day of shopping and catching up with friends on the Friday. I did not get my camera out very much but do have some photos to share.

Shiwon Green and 'Gosh' on their way to 6th place FEI Int. II

Fresian Stallion
Homespun Assume & Kirsty Lawrence

Monday, 16 March 2009

An early Christmas Present for Hamish

This is Glencree Liberty High, an English Riding Pony by Tyn-Y-Cae Rival and thanks very much to Hayley of Springdale Pony Stud, Libby is coming to live with us for a while - Yay! For some time now I have been after a quality pony mare to breed to Hamish and, here she is! Libby will be coming home after Horse of the Year and I am very excited!

Sunday, 15 March 2009

Weddings and babies

Nick and I had a lovely, lovely day/night yesterday when we went to our friend Judy's wedding. I met Judy a number of years ago as we have a mutual love of horses and frequent the same cyber noticeboard on the NZHorses website. Judy bred her very lovely mare Cricket to Hamish a few seasons ago and Cricket foaled a beautiful grey colt. Tragically Oscar is no longer with us but I had a wee chat with Judy's mum yesterday and it sounds like she is very keen to repeat the breeding. I am thrilled. Judy looked absolutely radiant and surprised us all by wearing a princess wedding dress - I am not sure if I have ever seen Judy in anything other than jeans or jods!!!

Today's photos are a couple of my favourites from the wedding and a photo sent to me today by Juliet, who bred her lovely 'It's About Time' mare to Hamish last season. The foal (Legacy) is now 4 months old and a strapping handsome lad indeed.

Legacy aged 4 months
3 Little Pigs (our neighbours - included just coz)
Judy's carriage
Judy and Abe
The Beautiful Bride

Mmmm, flowers!