Sunday, 13 March 2011

TF Liath

This weekend Li (TF Hamish x Fantasy/Kingsway Diamond) had his first wee competitive outing. He was apparently very sensible and well behaved. Good boy Li!

Brennan's back in work!

So, after getting pretty much the entire breeding season off riding, I decided that it is high time that his lordship started doing some work again! Yesterday, whilst Nick was off singing for his supper at the Wairarapa Farmer's Market, I dragged 'His feralness', Brennan, out of the paddock, threw on some gear and clambered on board. Gee he is a smart pony! You would think that after so much time off he might be a little resistant to coming back into work but nope, not the wee B man, we were off and away. Walk, trot and canter on both reins nice as you please and focused and attentive, even with mares and foals and yearlings and other critters (cats and dogs) all around him. Very happy with him, especially as it was actually the first time I have EVER ridden him at home by myself with nobody at all around to hold my hand. He even parked up nicely for me to get on which I thought might have been an issue (fidget bum).

Today I had a friend here so we brought him in and both had a wee ride and he was, again, a darling. I am so pleased with this pony and so excited about future foals. We have now had a couple of enquiries from the USA & Australia regarding using him so I am contemplating having him frozen if we can come to some sort of agreeable arrangement with the interested parties - this is very exciting too.

Even more exciting is the prospect of having someone to compete him at the Winter dressage series coming up. I met a lovely woman the other day whose daughter is a competent young rider and they are coming out to meet him after she has competed at Horse of the Year. I shall cross fingers, toes, eyes and anything else cross-able that they like him and we can come to a mutually beneficial arrangement. Brennan is too nice to sit in a paddock - he needs to be out in public so people can see him and I am just not the person to do this. I'm too old and too fat and, well, quite frankly, just too rubbish a rider.

Nick and I took some pix today, here are a selection. His base winter coat is now through so his chocolate locks have been replaced by burnt orange again. Cack! At least I know the lovely chocolate colouring will be back.

Brennan and a headless Caroline
Typical pony!
Brennan and Caroline
Oops lost her head again!
Brennan and Caroline
Me on zoom zoom pony (staying off his back)