Friday, 22 October 2010

An investment in the future

On Wednesday, Brennan, Karen and I made the trip to SYENZ Technologies Ltd (also Longspring Sport Horses) to take the first step in Brennan's AI training. I was quite nervous as I didn't really know what to expect or how it would go. I don't really know why as Brennan is a sensible pony with a super temperament and behaved himself beautifully.

Brennan spent the first half our or so in a smallish, fairly dark shed in crossties (a new experience for him) next to a couple of big warmblood geldings. He looked very small and VERY cute! It was funny to watch him have a wee think about the crossties, realise there was not really much he could do and promptly back up and swing his butt into the wall so he could have a really good itch! Classy Brennan, real classy!

The collection went very well. An in-season mare was used to encourage him and it was all done and dusted very quickly. Not sure what I was worried about! His motility is excellent and it's very exciting to now know that we can offer him via AI. Initially SYENZ will do the collecting so I will have to pass this cost on to the client however, if you factor in what it would cost to transport a mare to and from stud and then pay grazing for six weeks or so, it is not an excessive cost. In time we definitely hope to be able to collect him from here, at which point the collection cost (currently $250 incl. GST and hire of shipping container) will drop (in fact, first collection will probably be factored into the stud fee, which will of course be going up next season).

On Monday we take the next step, which is collecting and doing a test shipment to see which extenders work best for Brennan. I am not nervous about this now that I know how easy it all is really.

Because of the AI, I have changed our breeding contracts and have attached copies below:

Brennan AI Contract
Brennan Standard Contract
Hamish Standard Contract
Foaling Contract

So, if you have EVER wanted to breed a pony or small hack, you will probably never have the opportunity to access semen from such a super type at such low cost! We REALLY want foals from Brennan on the ground next season which is why we are making him available at such a ridiculously low price. We appreciate what it costs to breed a foal so we are doing what we can to make quality accessible.

No photos today, sorry. Maybe on Monday ...

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Playtime with Brennan

After sustaining a patella ligament sprain last week, I had to scratch Brennan from the Carterton Spring Carnival in the weekend. To say I am depressed about this is an understatement but, it was to be his very first outing and I really needed to be at 100% for him as much as for me and for Karen who was to handle him for me. Oh well, there will be other shows - just not many. It looks like Manawatu Breeders will introduce Connemara classes to their show this December and a friend has forwarded some suggestions to them. so now we just have to see if it can all be finalised in time and, if so, Brennan will be there with bells on!! Brennan and I have even been offered beds for the night before and our very own professional handler - Watch out everyone! Haha!

Hooty is progressing well in her pregnancy and looks on track to foal pretty much on due date. I moved her into the foaling paddock today and Maude is a couple of paddocks over. Brennan was very excited when he saw me moving mares around. Poor boy. I take him to SYENZ tomorrow for his AI training - My feelings about this go from excitement to trepidation. It's a big and fairly expensive investment in his future though and I am sure it will be all good.

Brennan has been bored since I hurt myself and consequently is feeling very playful. I was out with Jet and my camera in the weekend and he and Jet had a game of 'Catch me if you can' alternating between chasing and being chased. They went around and around and around the old pine tree in Brennan's paddock so I took some photos ...