Friday, 17 April 2009

Just coz ...

I was out with my camera on the driveway this morning, with some of the menagerie so, photos ...

Laura and Rosco
Rosco and stick
OK, not on the driveway - Last night's dinner
Amy, Laura and Rosco

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Ooopsy daisy!

Well, it had to happen. Today Amy had her first fall - she is a bit of a run before she can walk little girl and today it bit her on her little bottom, hard! I feel like a bit of a bad Mum for putting her in the position but she is a pretty tough nut and coped remarkably well. She had been going great guns walk and trot on the lunge and she begged me to let her jump Maxi and I gave in. I popped Maxi over the cross pole half a dozen times before putting Amy on him to go over but unfortunately he put in a very big one and jumped her clean out of the saddle. Nick was taking photos ...
is riding your pony
Heels down, look up!
Uh oh!
Look at their matched expressions!!!
This is why we wear a helmet! (note the very careful pony!!)
No long term damage done - a few tears then back on to walk back to the paddock and she even threw in some flying angels (at walk) as we went. Maxi was horrified and took her VERY carefully back home, bless his heart.