Friday, 23 November 2012

Ailbhe the Supermodel

So dear sweet Ailbhe is a year old now and I reckon he is just getting better and better with age. It's very rare for me to take photos of my yearlings as inevitably they look like about 4 different horses all pieced together in a patchwork but Albs is one of those youngsters who just looks smart! He's wintered really well, especially considering the disruptive start he had to winter after weaning and he's never looked (or felt) better. I am so excited about this little guy and can't wait to be riding him in another 2-3 years. Next big event on his calendar is gelding tho, poor baby.

Brennan has his first competition this weekend in a year. Exciting! He'll be doing 2.1 and 2.3 at a local ribbon day. He's been practicing his new dance moves with Karen and the two of them are looking great. Hopefully the weather will behave and we can have a nice few hours off the property showing him off. Here are a couple of very rough clips I took with my camera phone last week:

The expectant mothers are now in the foaling paddock and waddling around looking fat and happy. I would not be surprised if both go a little early but who knows what they have in store for me wait wise. I'm so looking forward to meeting this year's babies. Hopefully Christmas will come early to Talisman Farm.

My next update will hopefully be Sunday after Brennan has been to the dressage.