Saturday, 15 November 2008

Not a great start to the day

On Tuesday this week I went into our local Farmlands store and ordered another bag of Vetpro foalmilk powder. I figured that this would provide ample time for it to be delivered. You can imagine how unimpressed I was when I went to collect it today to find it had still not arrived FIVE days after being ordered. Of course today is a Saturday so a call to Vetpro and then to Vetpro's after hours number yielded no response. I have left messages on both phones and sent an email, asking what courier company were responsible for the urgent delivery of the powder. No response yet.

Thank heavens for my vet and for Sam Williams at Little Avondale Stud! We now have close to 2kg of powder which will at least see us through until tomorrow. We will have to dilute it and incorporate some Milligans as we don't have enough to last the weekend but it is most definitely better than the alternative, which was to switch back to Milligans. I am very disappointed to have been let down so badly and will be interested to see where the break in the chain was. Now I just hope the damned stuff turns up on Monday morning! I've also just got off the phone to the lovely Robyn VT who is going to see if she can help us get a couple of nanny goats. I'm going to have to get myself a little milk maid outfit at this rate - how fast CAN you milk a goat out by hand? Anyone know?

Silas' blood tests showed elevated white blood cells and signs of muscle and tissue damage so, we now have a new antibiotic to try and will continue doing everything else we can. He's definitely got more attitude nowadays but still demonstrating considerable lameness in his stifle area and wobbly front legs - he's not ready to go out and plough any paddocks just yet!!!

Friday, 14 November 2008

Do we get our hopes up?

This afternoon Silas was very perky and so we took him for a walk. I rode Bados and Nick and Amy were on foot. We went down the race and into the arena paddock and then through into the one tree hill paddock. This paddock is next to the paddock that Meg is currently in and Silas met his sister for the first time. She was fascinated, as was he. No nose-to-nose contact yet as Silas was a little unsure of the four big mares snorting and prancing over the fence from him.

He then mooched around the paddock, nibbling on seed heads and investigating tree roots and Reilly's old poo pile. On the way back he even tried to canter a couple of times! By the time we were back to his paddock, he was pretty pooped so he lay down in bed and we left him to have a sleep.

Sarah Linton is coming to see him this afternoon/evening so hopefully she will be able to help him feel even better. He's off the anti inflams now and we are waiting to hear back from the vet about the next step in his treatment. Very promising to see him so upbeat knowing that it has been some time since his last injection. His temperature is down to 38.6 so within normal range too.

So, do we get our hopes up?


I's eatin' my 'erbs!

Gizza cuddle then 'uman!

Thursday, 13 November 2008

Hamish babies

At times like this, it is nice to have a reminder of why we do what we do. Today, within moments of each other, I received two emails. One from a lady who bred her mare to Hamish last season with photos of her new foal attached. The photos made me laugh and I have popped them on here for you all to see. The mare is a 3/4 TB by It's About Time, out of a Clydesdale cross mare. The foal has just about the longest legs I think I have ever seen on a foal. He was 30 days 'late' but strangely looks a little undercooked (check out that floppy ear!). He's also enormous. Love him, and love the updates.

The second email came from a lady I sold a weanling to 5 years ago. Bijou was Genna's last foal for us (Genna being Roxy the orphan, Bridie and Bella's mum) and she was a twin. She was TINY when she was born but strong and healthy. I sold her to a wonderful home up north and her mum has kept in regular contact with me. BJ is now going to pony club and lapping it all up. She's been measured and has made a whopping 14.1HH - Hamish's only pony baby and isn't she cute!

BJ trotting BJ jumpin'

Legacy Yoga
Ear he is
Face plant

Silas had an OK night. He has put on weight, which is great, BUT it means he is getting harder and harder to pick up. Christina and I really struggled at 11pm last night and Nick has tweaked his back. If this continues, we are going to have to work out some sort of winch! He had his last shot of the current AB last night and last shot of anti inflams. We called our vet this morning first thing and he is going to try and talk to the people at Massey about where to next. So, watch this space.

Silas day 25

Not so much to report today. Silas is much the same. He is drinking a bit less than the previous couple of days and we still have to pick him up. He's pretty bright and chipper but the underlying problem is still very much there. Last anti inflammatory shot tonight and then a call to the vet tomorrow for a 'where to next?' discussion.

Reilly has a new girlfriend who arrived today. He's quite taken with her but she's not so keen on him ... yet.

Hamish was not left out and has a new girl too, however she's currently grazing with my old gelding Paddy until she shows a little more interest.
Today's selection of pix include Aine, Reilly & Grace and, of course, Silas.

Reilly & GraceReilly & Grace
Y'ello there
It's a long way down there
What a face

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Silas on a high

So today's video demonstrates just what a difference a day and a shite load of gooood drugs make! Silas is having a good day after having a good night. The anti inflammatory shots are doing their thing and HOPEFULLY so are the antibiotics! He's on a daily dose of A/B and twice daily happy juice (the anti inflammatory). The video will show you just why I feel queasy at times watching him walk when he so nearly knuckles over, especially on the near fore. Ugh, it reminds me of rolling my ankles, which I have done more times than I care to remember!

I also grabbed some shots today or Rory the rascal so will share a couple of those. He's had a bit of an upset tum but seems well over that now and his mum (Hooty - Wynyard Night Owl) is in season and in the process of being bred to Reilly. This all seems to be going well. I suspect today was her last day for being bred but will tease her tomorrow (yay for teaser geldings!) and see how we go.

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

A stay of execution

Firstly, I am really sorry this update has come so late in the day but our vet only arrived at 4pm and has just left.

Silas is now pumped full of enough antibiotic to clean out an elephant and has had a shot of anti inflammatory magic juice with twice daily shots for the next two days and another enormous dose of antibiotics to pick up tomorrow. We're hoping that the anti inflammatory drugs will make him more willing to get to his feet and move around and therefore exercise those tight tendons in front.

John was absolutely not yet ready to give him the blue dream, thankfully, and neither are we but I have to tell you, earlier today I really did think it might be his last day on this earth. Now we just pray that this will make the difference and pull him through!

Other Stuff

Hamish's first mare of the season arrived on Sunday, the 4th day of her cycle and was served Sunday and Monday and went home on Monday afternoon. Finger's crossed! She's a very pretty little chestnut TB mare who came last season but arrived late in the season, didn't cycle well and ended up with fluid pooled in her uterus. This time she has been flushed out pre serve and only served twice plus it is earlier in the season. Hopefully this all adds up to a foal next year!

Hooty has come into season and has been served by Reilly today and yesterday and will be served tomorrow. I would scan to see where she is in her cycle but our veterinary expenses are already pretty horrific so thought I would save scanning for post service. Once she is in foal and Rory has been weaned, she is off to a lovely new lease home in Wellington. Lucky girl!

Two more mares due to arrive this week. One for Reilly and one for Hamish so, it's ramping up here now.

Rosie and Milly take their foals Karma and Madison home this evening. It's been lovely having the matched pair of babies running around here but time for them to head off to their homes.

Maude is going to be bred back to Reilly for a full brother or sister to Aine and Bella is to be bred to Reilly as well. Watch this space for updates!

Silas day 23 - more steps backwards

It's not been a great 48 hours. Silas' tendons on his front legs have contracted again and we were not able to get him to his feet late last night plus he has started to wheeze and his temperature has not gone below 38.9 (averaging around 39.3). I ended up sleeping in the shed with him and feeding him grass and meal and a little milk over night. Neither of us got much sleep. This morning we managed to get him up and he stumbled around the paddock, trying very hard but not doing very well. It's so hard to watch - he is so interested in everything but so compromised, especially now his front legs also no longer work properly.

The sample of fluid that was sent to the lab grew nothing of note so we are no closer to working out what is wrong with his joints and the next step is Massey. Unfortunately Massey is not really an option so, we have our vet coming out at lunchtime today when we will decide what, if anything, we try next.

I've been crying all night and all morning - now what we need is nothing short of a miracle.

Sunday, 9 November 2008

Silas day 21 - Small steps

Today I made a video. It is a little difficult to watch because it's pretty clear that Silas is in pain, however, you can also see that sparkle he has in his eye that says 'I'm good, I want to be here, I'm trying, really I am'. I thought you would like to see him 'live' rather than just the still photos I usually take...

He's still very up and down. On the upside, he has really taken to eating grass and foal feed but, on the downside, he seems to have gone off his milk quite a lot and he needs to keep drinking his milk! He had a great couple of days Friday and Saturday but today his milk consumption is well down (about half Friday's effort) and, his temperature is up and down like a yoyo (last check was 39.4). Hopefully the lab will have grown a culture over the weekend so we can start treating whatever it is that is causing him so much pain and find that gorgeous, obnoxious orphan colt that is hiding inside.