Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Toffee is growing up

A couple of weeks ago I dragged 4yo Toffee out of the paddock, clipped a load of her coat off, rugged her up and sent her away to boot camp with my great friend Louisa. Now, here she is, two weeks in and looking fab! She managed to walk a load of weight off in the first couple of days and was feeling a bit sore on her feet so is now sporting a shiny new set of front shoes but the weight is returning and the feet are feeling a lot better so it is onwards and upwards - Upwards quite literally as Toffee is just starting to learn about jumping and taking to it like a duck to water. She's such an obliging wee mare, I love her attitude. Once Louisa had popped her around the arena over a few jumps I hopped on and had a play with her myself. No jumping mind you, although I am sure she would've been excellent for me. 




What a good girl :)