Sunday, 9 November 2008

Silas day 21 - Small steps

Today I made a video. It is a little difficult to watch because it's pretty clear that Silas is in pain, however, you can also see that sparkle he has in his eye that says 'I'm good, I want to be here, I'm trying, really I am'. I thought you would like to see him 'live' rather than just the still photos I usually take...

He's still very up and down. On the upside, he has really taken to eating grass and foal feed but, on the downside, he seems to have gone off his milk quite a lot and he needs to keep drinking his milk! He had a great couple of days Friday and Saturday but today his milk consumption is well down (about half Friday's effort) and, his temperature is up and down like a yoyo (last check was 39.4). Hopefully the lab will have grown a culture over the weekend so we can start treating whatever it is that is causing him so much pain and find that gorgeous, obnoxious orphan colt that is hiding inside.

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