Thursday, 3 May 2012

Wild Horses R US!

Exciting, exciting, exciting!! Talisman Farm Sport Horses are, thanks to an incredibly generous sponsor in the USA, applying to adopt a Kaimanawa from the 2012 muster.

A number of people are making this possible. Firstly, huge thanks to our sponsor, expat Kiwi Rebecca Stanton in New York. Your generosity and enthusiasm for making this happen is, quite simply, wonderful. Secondly, Simone Frewin for your offer to take the youngster and provide him/her with those exceptionally important first human experiences. Your knowledge of and empathy with these horses will be invaluable in ensuring that our sponsored Kai gets the best start possible and finally, to my husband Nick Wilsden who, when I suggested adding a wild horse to the family, just shrugged his shoulders and said 'if it is something you want to do, go for it!'. ♥ you babe xxx
If anyone else fancies adding a wild horse to their family, PLEASE consider doing it this year. Last I heard, of the 180 Kais to be mustered, only 10 had guaranteed homes and the rest of these beautiful animals are destined for slaughter. This year's Pony of the Year winner 'Watch Me Move' was a mustered Kaimanawa so don't think you'll just be getting a horse or pony that will never amount to much - You could be saving the life of a future National Champion!!