Friday, 21 November 2014

Spruce Goose Pony

Brennan has visitors coming in the weekend so I thought I would bring him in for a bath and spruce up and after we'd bathed and spruced, it seemed the next logical step would be to take a few photos. Brennan just LOVES to jump so I popped him on the lunge and let him do his thing. Not sure how big the jumps are, the last one is on the highest it will go which I think is around 1.20m. Now all he needs  is a talented kid rider on his back!





Monday, 17 November 2014

Dannevirke PC One Day Event

Had a great day out at the Dannevirke and Districts Pony Club ODE today. A well organised and efficiently run event (so efficient that the judge was driving away and the arenas were getting packed up before we even got Toffee into the arena, haha!) with friendly people. The only downside was the incessant wind which blew and blew and blew ALL day! 

I am very proud of our baby horse who did a lovely dressage test (with all of 5 minutes to warm up and a horrific squall blowing through JUST as she got there) to be the clear winner on 77.4%, a little over 7% ahead of the nearest competitor! 

Show jumping was still a little green but she's just getting SO much better, every time. She put four on the floor when she overjumped the first of the double somewhat and ended up a little deep to the second element but was still in first place after the SJ, even with the 4 faults. 

Her cross country was very green but she tried her heart out! It wasn't an easy first course and the water was her undoing BUT I'm uber proud of her and her fab jockey Louisa who is doing a fantastic job with her (because Toffee IS lovely but she is not always easy!). 

Bring on the next competition I say but even more, bring on the Jock Paget Clinic that they're doing in 2 weeks!!!! Woot!!

Photos and videos below:

Show Jumping

Cross Country Warm Up and a handful of fences