Thursday, 20 August 2009

It's that time of the year - Stud enquiries coming thick and fast

So, I have had a crack at uploading the contracts in PDF form to the www for easy access. If you have any problems with this, can you tell me? Have never done this before so it is a bit of a first for me!

Robbie Contract
Hamish Contract

We are very happy to have a return customer booked for Robbie this season. Aldie Phillipa had a gorgeous black colt (Lanarkshire Amos) to Robbie a year ago and her owner is so happy with him, she's sending Pippa back for seconds. Go Rob!

We have a couple of TB mares booked at this stage and some enquiries from Clydesdale mare owners - I am thinking of limiting his book to six this year so, if you are interested, you might want to get in quick!

Hamish will have one or two of my own mares (Libby and Twinkle) and I am limiting him to four outside mares so again, be quick if you are interested. If demand dictates I will consider taking mares later in the season. It really all depends on the way the season pans out.