Sunday, 3 April 2016

1 x Supreme Champ + 1 x ODE winner!

My blogging has taken a serious downturn and, to anyone who has been a dedicated follower, I apologise. No excuses, I am just lazy!

Today's blog is a shameless brag because I am so proud of my home-bred kids!

Ailbhe, who was the MOST generous young horse for me to fumble through the breaking in process, has headed to Tauranga to live with Juliet. He's having quite the amazing adventure up there and has already been hacking in company and alone and out to his very first outing (which was today) where not only did he behave extremely well, especially for a baby horse who has never been to a competition or riding/in hand event before, but he also came home with Supreme Champion!! I've stolen some photos from Juliet's page on Facebook to share here.

1st suitability for hunter
1st suitability for dressage
1st suitability for show hack (haha, I assume that's show hack, horse or hunter!)
2nd suitability for eventing
3rd Turnout
Champion Hack (Adult) and finally ....

TF Life O'Reilly and Kim had their first competition in what feels like eons today (I think it has been a couple of seasons/18 months?) and only went out and WON the NZPC80 class at Battle Hill. Those two are such an awesome team and I am such a proud 'other mother'. It has been a really great weekend for my 'babies'.

In recent other news, Charlie and Lola are both in foal. Charlie to TF Hamish and Lola to Crossiebeg Brennan. It has been a couple of years since there have been foals at Talisman Farm so I am excited to be breaking the drought, especially as I have such lovely mares foaling.

Meg has been lame with a very deep seated bruise pretty much ALL summer :( but seems to have finally come right so I am quietly bringing her back into work. Here are some paddock shots I took of her earlier this week - Aint she pretty!

For now, that's all folks!