Thursday, 22 December 2011

Brennan and Louisa at Rei-Huia

Just home from taking Brennan down to Louisa's place for his first wee jumping session there. Gosh what a little star he is! Didn't bat an eyelid at any of the show jumps which included some fillers, a liverpool with tarp underneath and painted planks. He was a bit shouty when we left him in the yards to contemplate his navel after first arriving (we had to take the newly painted poles and new jump stands and barrel cups down to the jumping paddock in my float) and he fidgeted being tacked up but he is a pony who likes to be doing stuff and tends to gets ants in his pants if he is made to stand around and wait - He is going to have to get over that!!!

Here are the photos from the outing - Isn't he just the cutest thing?!

 Warming up

 They have an audience

 And they're away jumping!


 Liverpool height popped up for last jump
All done

Good boy B xxx (and thanks heaps Louisa!!!)

Getting back my riding mojo

Another day and another ride and, as I sit here typing this, I am also gearing up to take Brennan down to Louisa's to do some jumping so it's a great horsey day.

This morning my friend Jane came out with her Arab pony and we went out for a hack together up the paper road. The full loop is 25km but for starters we settled for a few kms up and then back down again - Meg is not very fit and I don't want to overdo it with her. I think the horses had a fabulous time as we walked, trotted and cantered (and even had a wee gallop at the end) out on our ride. The paper road is a fantastic steady ride up through some lovely farmland grazed by sheep and cattle. It's super for fitness and, even though there are some harder/stonier sections, for the most part barefoot horses like Meg don't have any trouble with it. By the end of the season I hope she will be fit enough to complete the entire loop.

Setting out
 The tall and the short of it

 Meet 'n greet
 After the ride - Close pals now
 Jane & Denny

 Does my butt look big in this?
 Stepping out
 in unison
 On the way home, captured on Amy's ipod

So a GREAT morning out, happy horses and happy riders - And THAT is what it is all about!

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

What has been happening?

On Sunday I had a really fun day tagging along with Louisa and Rachael to the Horowhena PC One Day Trial at Waikanae Park. My role was that of photographer cum groom cum general entertainment. Louisa took Rei-Huia Squiggletop (Syd) and it was his second public outing and only the fifth time he had been asked to jump ... anything! He was a wee legend. 

His dressage test was his first time in a dressage arena and, aside from gawping at the people throwing bottles in the recycling plant RIGHT behind behind the arenas after going left at C, he did a very green but very nice wee test to end up about 1/3 down the field. Louisa took him quietly around the Show Jumping and he jumped the course clear but with a few time faults and then we went and walked the XC. I have not evented for years and so it looked huge to me but even Louisa commented that it was a pretty meaty course for Pre Training (the PT and the Training shared a handful of jumps) and this girl is a bonafide mad eventer who has ridden at International Events in the UK so I guess it was fairly big. We were all laughing about poor Syd being a bit too fat and unfit to make it around - little did we know he would absolutely eat up the course and finish with fuel left in the tank. He still got a few time faults but double clear jumping efforts = Superstar pony. I think his next start is going to be training level now - he certainly has the scope and the rider so, why not?! 

Scanned Tinks yesterday. Unfortunately she was not in foal but was teased and served today so finger's crossed for success second cycle. Might scan her after her cycle as she had a little fluid - need to make sure that is not still there after serving as will not help with conception success!

Yesterday I also went to Rei-Huia again, this time with Meg and we went off hacking over the hills. It was fab! I have my riding mojo returning and it certainly helps to have friends living so close to ride with - Great motivation. SO motivated in fact that I rode again today and even jumped Meg over the skinny log in the orchard paddock. I am such a nana rider these days - I want the brave kid who jumped the 1.20m gorse bushes with poles on top and the big ditches and banks around the old farm without so much as giving it half a thought back. Not sure where she went but I really miss her!

 Contemplating 'The Log'

 Don't touch it Meg!!

Tomorrow Brennan is heading over to Rei-Huia so Louisa can jump him over a few more jumps - Can't wait!