Wednesday, 2 June 2010

The Rangitumau Horse Hilton

After a lifetime of dreaming about it (as only little girls can dream) I FINALLY have a stable that I can call my own and it's beautiful (yes, only a horsey girl could use 'beautiful' and 'stable' together in the same sentence).

My lovely DH built it from the ground up in his own design and it's built to last. It has that wonderful woody smell you get from fresh milled timber and wood shavings. Mmmmmmm, lovely!

Today it has its first resident. Bella is spending a night inside so she can be out of the weather for a few hours. The first thing she did when I put her in it was get down and have a good roll. She thinks it's pretty good!

Stable sans horse
Stable sans shavings
Stable with Bella
Bella's first reaction was to roll in it!