Thursday, 4 February 2010

Talisman Farm Sport Horses AND Sport Ponies!

When I was introduced to Crossiebeg Brennan via email, I fell in love - it was love at first sight and, as happens when one falls in love, it was quite unexpected and there was very little I could do about it. I honestly tried very, very hard to find something to not love about him but, try as I might, I failed miserably and, as a result of my new love affair, Brennan is about to embark on a very long journey from Invercargill in the deep South of the South Island to Talisman Farm in Masterton.

Brennan is a 3yo purebred Connemara colt by the lovely imported stallion Capparis Casanova (Domo Cavallo Praize) and out of Taihoa Cloudy (Barwidgee Erriff x Canningvale Bonnie Bess/Chiltern Sunsilk). He should mature 14HH. Brennan is eligible for licensing as a Class 1 Connemara Stallion under EU Regulations (because of the status of both of his parents) but I am still trying to get my head around the whole classification system for Connemara's as it is different in NZ to the EU and it is also currently under review. Irregardless of any changes however, he will be eligible for licensing (and has already been seen as a foal by visiting inspector, Tom McLochlainn who described him as a “good cut of a colt, if you can look past the colour”) - I get the feeling that chestnut with lots of chrome is a little 'out there' for the Connemara which to me just gives him a little more of that ever so important 'X' factor.

I have been asked many, many times if Hamish is or has Connemara blood so it seems quite fitting that Brennan should come to stand alongside him. I am excited about the opportunity to have a crack at breeding larger/full size hunter type ponies using Brennan and to be able to continue my love affair with the Irish horse. My dream of standing a RID stallion is not really able to be realised at this time but I am sure that Brennan will fill that gap remarkably well.

Brennan will be broken to saddle and then the hunt will be on to find a suitable rider for him. I hope that he will compete (lightly - as finances allow) in dressage, show hunter, show jumping and eventing. If anyone knows of a confident and competent 12-15yo who might be up to the task - Please get in contact with me!

My darling Hamish will always be number one here and with me but I don't think Brennan will steal too many mares off him as he will always be popular with those who are aiming to breed good natured, smaller hacks and for whom breed registration is not such an issue. Having Brennan means that we will be able to offer people a licensed pony stallion whose progeny will be eligible for stud book inclusion. I also now have a stud that I can eventually put over my one and only Hamish daughter, which is an added bonus!

I would like to thank Sheila Ramsay, without whose help, Brennan would never have even come to my attention. Sheila stands Brennan's sire, Capparis Casanova and has been hugely helpful and informative - she is a fount of Connemara and Horse breeding knowledge. Also, of course, Fiona Comer, who bred Brennan and has agreed to let him come and live with us here and last but not least, my wonderful long time cyber-friend Christine Chisman who very kindly went and visited Brennan on my behalf to take video and photos and check out his temperament - An inspection that he passed with flying colours. So, my heartfelt thanks must out to these three lovely ladies.

Now, without further ado, let me introduce 'Crossiebeg Brennan':

Awffffff cuteness!!!
Hairy pony! (and a little bum high at the moment)
Taihoa Cloudy - Mum
Baby Brennan
Dad - Capparis Casanova

Sunday, 31 January 2010

Wairarapa Dressage Champs

What a weekend - Saturday, wall to wall sunshine and people nearly toppling off their horses with heat exhaustion vs Sunday, raining steadily all day and raincoats and very wet riders and horses. Crazy summer!!!!

Nicola and Lagan had an interesting competition but can take a lot from the two days and Nicki now has plenty to work on and some goals to work towards for their next time out. Hopefully the two of us will start attending the local dressage group rallies too - I think it would do us both good, I suspect Meg might disagree, mwahaha!

Their first test on Saturday was something of a disaster. A mix of Nicki's nerves and Lagan not being on task made for a fairly hairy test and a score of 43%. Lots of mistakes and a course error did not help their cause. Understandably Nicki was feeling fairly downtrodden so I did my best to encourage her to come back the following day to give it another go - I was sure they could do better!

I think it took quite a lot for Nicki to summon up the courage to return today but she did and all credit to her for doing so. The weather today was, as I said above, heinous! Today's test was 1.3 and I am pleased to say that they did much better. Still low scoring (49%) but SO much better than Saturday. Consequently Nicki is feeling quite a lot better and a lot more positive - Yay!

I re-connected with a rider whose acquaintance I made some years back and took some photos of her on her lovely bay, Louis. Poor Rebecca had a complete mare of a test today - the horse went well and she rode, as usual, beautifully, but the heavens fell down on top of them both - YUCK!

I took some photos, both days. Day 1, I had camera on wrong setting - stupid! Day 2, it was so vile that the photos are, shall we say, atmospheric, haha!

Warming up - Day 1
A smile!
Rainy test - Day 2
Dancing in the rain
Day 2
Rain rain rain!
My lovely boy
Dressage in the sun! Day 1
Day 1
The relieved and happy face of a dressage survivor
Day 1
Poor Rebecca!
Wet but happy!