Tuesday, 28 September 2010

At last some Spring weather!!!

I was beginning to think that the sun was never ever going to come back but the last couple of days have been lovely and I have begun to feel like we might actually be coming out the other side of what must be, the most disgusting winter ever!

Brennan has not had a lot of work or attention with the weather being so tempestuous but yesterday I brought him in and saddled him up and had a wee ride in one of the paddocks. He's so good, bless him, and very patient with me as I try hard very hard not to unbalance him.

I am entering him in some in-hand classes at the Carterton Spring Carnival which should be an interesting first outing for him - it looks like we will be competing against miniatures too, what a hoot!! I managed to score an amazing bargain through Tackshop in the form of an in-hand bridle set so I eagerly await its arrival to see if it will fit. Apparently it is just the right colour for Mountain and Moorland classes so it seems I did well. Now I just need to find a brass stallion bit.

Snorkel is growing well. She has her mother's sensitive nature but when I bring them in every morning for a feed I tie Libby up and I work with Snorks. She's very smart and lets me put her halter on and pick up all of her feet and rub her all over. She's not overly fond of being fussed over but stands well for me whilst I do everything. I am thrilled with her really. Such a pretty little filly with lovely ground covering paces like her parents. I can't wait to see what she will grow into. Perhaps if Amy does end up being a rider, she will make a nice large pony for her in time.

Riding Brennan: