Saturday, 26 July 2008

Strawberry comes to stay

Our latest guest pony is Strawberry. A very cute little Section B Welsh mare from the Llandovery line. Her owner is currently living in the UK and we are caring for two of her big horses and now a little one too. She's pretty darned cute! Spent the first 5 minutes running around chasing Portia (what IS that?!) the donkey with Maxi in hot pursuit but soon the attraction of the grass we have got the better of her and it was head down bum up and grazing. Snapped some pix, so, here they are!

Strawberry says 'Hi!'
Strawberry & friends
Portia the wicked chocolate donkey
Portia makes a new friend
Maxi coming over for a cuddle (what a teddy bear!)

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Megan and MacKenzie - Branding Day

Today was branding day in preparation for finally getting around to registering our two Clydesdale fillies with the Clydesdale Society. Nick had very cleverly made the brand some time ago but this is the first time we have actually got around to using it. Very pleased with the results but especially pleased with how well the two girls stood for the whole procedure. No harm done and they still love us, even after we had them scarred for life! Most impressed with freeze branding and definitely think it is the way to go!

Good girl Kenzie, standing quietly


# 7

The finished brand

Our Stud Brand

Monday, 21 July 2008

Debi and Robbie - Midwinter pork chops!

I went over the road with my grooming gear and camera thinking I would give the two heffalumps a good groom and take some pix but when I got there the task was too daunting so, I just took the photos! Deb is due to foal in early/mid October. Not sure when Robbie's foal is due, haha! What a tum he has! Still, he will need the extra kgs once breeding season starts so, I will forgive him his belly, for now.

'Helping' dad shift the tape
Trot across the paddock


Dusty Deb

Love my boy

Debi pose

Me and my boy