Sunday, 8 September 2013

Brennan and Me

I am on this weight loss journey and I won't lie to you - it's hard! I'm not a patient person and I have been known to quit when the going gets tough. Weight loss, especially when you have many, MANY kilograms to lose is a long, slow slog and it is very easy to lose heart and go back to bad habits but I am trying very hard to stick with it and so far, so good!

So, today I got Nick to take some photos and video of me riding Brennan. I wanted to see how far I have come. It was lovely to see that I am indeed getting there, even if I still have a fair way to go. The improvement is visible AND I felt so much better up on top as well. My awful sticky out toes appear to be disappearing - I wonder if that has something to do with the 5cm I have lost around each calf of it is just simply the weight loss all round? Anyway, here are the photos and the video - Pony, I think you will agree, is a total superstar! I am sure there will still be many who think I am too fat to ride a pony but I actually don't care and I think if you asked B, he'd tell them he doesn't care either!