Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Silas day 17, Pt II

The vet just came to give Silas his last shot of oxytetracycline and brought some Vetpro milk powder with him. Unfortunately Silas did not want to drink very much and we only got 300ml into him but rest assured, we will be trying again and again and again tonight! He has had another day with his temperature remaining nicely within the normal range too.

Poor wee Rory is feeling off colour and has an umpshee tum so has not been feeding much and Hooty was leaking milk profusely so, I grabbed a milk bottle and milked about 500ml off her - GOLD! We will feed that to Silas later and I will milk some more off her if I can when she gets her dinner. Silas is still constipated however his poop now has individual parts rather than being one solid clay like lump - this is a good thing but it still needs to get better and soften up a lot. He has had another 60ml of olive oil tonight so hopefully the combination of that, the Vetpro milk powder and Hooty's milk will help things along for him. His poor little bottom is very sore and quite cracked so I have also started applying Lucas pawpaw ointment to it - the things we do!

All this said, the most worrying thing for us right now I think, is his stifle and the obvious pain he is in because of it. Four out of five times we have to help him to his feet and this is very depressing. But, we need to address the constipation issue first and, once that has been sorted, if the stifle is still giving him trouble, we will look at investigating it more closely. I just hope and pray that it is nothing truly sinister. Silas continues to fight the good fight.

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