Monday, 3 November 2008

Silas day 15, Pt II

OK folks, your latest update ...

The vet has just been. We ringed his umbilical stump so no more pee is going to be coming out of there in a hurry! He had his hock and stifle drained of fluid and some fluid taken for examination and I have made a rather abortive attempt at bandaging the hock. He had a big intravenous shot of oxytetracyline for his contracted tendons and John will be back tomorrow and Wednesday to give him some more. Last up, I gave him his 'happy jab' (anti inflammatories). His temperature is sitting at 39.1 now. He drank 1 litre milk afterwards and ate some foal feed. Oh and he did a big semi-soft poo so the double dose of laxative we gave him for lunch must've actually had an effect. We'll up his laxatives from now on and see how we go. The milk concentration must be ok as he is still relatively hungry for each feed but not starving. We MAY weaken the mixture even more but need to wait until he is more active just in case the sedentary nature of his current existence is having the greatest influence on his bowel movements.

John looked at Minty but Minty did not want to be caught (BAD Minty) so he will examine him more closely tomorrow. He said it was probably a hernia and the bigger the tear often the better so we may well not have to have him put to sleep after all - finger's, toes, eyes, ears, hooves and paws crossed here!!


  1. Phew - breathes out, was so afraid it was going to be the worst news.

    Still sending them both positive vibes.

  2. My eyes and fingers,toes and everything crossed too.Good on you folk!!!

  3. Hang in there you guys. You're doing so well XXX