Sunday, 11 April 2010


So I figure if I actually want to ride Meg in the winter dressage series and not make a total and complete idiot of myself, I should probably ride her a bit at home. My ankle is feeling pretty good and, after two rides, I think it should hold up to regular riding so it's all on now. I'll just hack her out for the most part and throw in a few short schooling sessions and hopefully a few lessons. She's still only very young and not really strong enough to hold a frame for an extended period plus, she is not really built to be a dressage horse and, I think, is going to find the work quite hard but she's got a pretty good work ethic and I think she will continue to try hard to please. She's shown me the last two rides that she doesn't appreciate being asked to go forward and up into the bridle and her displeasure has been noted - she's just going to have to suck it up!

Here are a few photos that Nick kindly took for me today:

Trotting up the fenceline
Being a bit of a baggage - she makes I larf
Trotting down the fenceline
Telling me just what she thinks of being asked for more forward
Pretty girl
In the shed - it's nearly finished!!
Nice hock action Meg!
Getting some forward
Good girl

I popped down to Solway this afternoon to catch up with Nicola and Lagan who were taking part in dressage competition (registered). Lages is looking great and Nicola was much happier with both her tests today and whilst the tests may not have set the world alight, the improvement from the last time I saw them was definitely noticeable. Great work!