Friday, 4 February 2011

Return of the King

So the open day is on Sunday and, to make life a bit easier, I decided to bring Hamish home. So, here he is. He has had two baths in as many days and probably wonders what on earth has hit him, bless his wee heart. Took some photos as I know he won't stay clean or be this clean again for ages. I plaited him for the first time too - He stood so well, I am so proud of him. He's had a fairly big couple of days for a mature stallion who who has been on the same property for nearly a decade. He was a little unsettled yesterday because he would rather be in the paddock that the mares and foals are in but the extra exercise is doing him no harm whatsoever. Who knows, maybe he will lose a few kgs - he certainly won't miss them!!!

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

For Sale ...

I picked the Izzy up yesterday so, here are photos. I really need to sell this to help pay for a new saddle for Meg so please do pass this on to any friends you think might be interested. I will hold off listing it on Trade Me for now as their fees are getting extortionate. I think $700 is a fair price for the saddle and mounts but feel free to make me an offer if you don't agree.

Details: 17.5"/44cm flock filled Wintec Isabell with easy change gullet system. Approximately 6 years old. Fully mounted including saddle cloth (which has some sun fade but had hardly any use), ss stirrups, equileather stirrup leathers & girth (rust on buckles but totally sound).

Saddle is in used but very good condition. Currently fitted with the black (medium) gullet plate. If I can find the knee blocks, I will throw those in as well.

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Did you feel the earthquake?

It hit the Wairarapa about 6.30pm last night ...

Had a lovely day yesterday. I finished it up with a neat ride around the farm on Meg but the day started with a trip to Wellington to catch up with Kim and Reilly. Lovely to see Reilly looking so well, even if he was feeling a little lazy, lol! I think he was more interested in eating the lush grass in the big open paddock than working in it! Typical Irish!

Now I need to sort myself and Meg and Reilly and Kim out with new saddles. Tried a couple of Reils yesterday. Unfortunately the lovely CTD was not a fit so he is back in my old GP until we can sort him out with a Wintec. If you have anything, let me know. Ideally after a 2000 or 500, flock filled, 17.5", good condition and no more than $500 (I don't ask much do I?!). Will leave you with more photos of Meg and I having a blast, as usual, yesterday.