Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Reilly in the Arena at Home - 7 May

Well today was one of those rides where the horse did nothing wrong and the rider could do nothing right! I guess we have to have rides like this to put everything into perspective, although it is not as if I consider myself a particularly accomplished rider! Today the arena was dry enough to attempt a couple of canters although I didn't push it as we had quite a big slip yesterday and I don't want either of us to lose confidence plus it cannot be easy for Reilly to carry himself as well as me in canter. He was a good boy and did everything he was asked.

After we had ridden around for a while I popped him on the lunge to go over a few jumps - he seems to be getting the hang of jumping quite nicely.

Keeping off his back @ canter
Luff my boy!
Poppin' over
Comin back down

Oops got in a bit close

Don't want to catch those poles!
Look up mum!
Yehar, this is fun mum!
Trottin' s'more

Monday, 5 May 2008

Saffron update

Saffron has had a rather dramatic start to life after spending her second week of life up at Massey Equine Hospital with an infection that threatened her life. I can happily report that she is all better and back at home and, to show that she has her bounce back, I have a video from her owners Wendy and Stuart, to share.