Wednesday, 25 June 2008

I guess it must be winter ...

Woke up this morning to this ...

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

I am officially soft!

Today I caved completely and, with the threat of snow and appalling weather I rugged the horses up to the nines, including Kenzie, Meg and Twinkle. For Kenzie it was her very first time wearing a rug but she's such a cruiser, I knew it would not be an issue. Meg and Twinkle had a brief introduction to rugs in the autumn but today were re-introduced in the paddock and, showed no signs of being at all bothered. I watched them for a wee while after they were dressed and they played around showing off their new rugs to everyone else and then settled down to the very important business of eating more grass. Of course the weather won't eventuate now but at least, if it does, I know everyone is going to be nice and dry and warm.

Photo's below
Bados, Kenzie, Tiffin and Smoothie
Meg and Kenzie - Blisters
Uncle Bados and Kenzie Meg, Kenzie, Tiffin and Smoothie
Twinkle and Meg