Monday, 14 September 2009

No, not Beerfest .. Orangefest instead!

The yearlings got a new paddock yesterday and whilst on my rounds this morning, I stopped for a chat and to take some photos of them. Aine should be heading off to live in Wellington soon, we will miss her! She is still very much a giraffe (Bados is a good 16.1HH and her back legs are longer than his!) so I think she is going to be quite a big girl and quite lovely (eventually, after she goes through her ugly duckling phase).

Aine and Uncle B with Rory stuffing his face
Aine and B
Eating machine Rory
Eating and chilling
Rory, outstanding in his field
Ladies man?
Butter would not melt!
But he is an ass really!
Aine & Jet
And just so it is not a complete orangefest, a couple of Reilly too.

Stupid dog!
My pretty boy