Friday, 17 April 2015

Ailbhe - Progress

Today was ride six for Ailbhe and we have turning and trotting sorted, so much so we can actually trot AND turn at the same time - Go us! He is still more interested in stop than go but that improves every ride as he understands my messages and I work on fine tuning my aids. Today I rode with a crop for the first time so was able to back up my requests with a demand when necessary. He tries SO very hard, I LOVE his attitude. I still feel inept tho.

Videos and photos are all low quality as off my phone but it's invaluable having Nick with me both for support and so I can see afterwards where I need to focus my attentions. Hopefully I'll be able to get him out to my trainer this winter and make some progress with her eyes on the ground and her all weather surface under Ailbhe's feet. I think that will help us both immeasurably. I'm SO thrilled with him and it is such a buzz to be riding him after everything we have both been through to get to this stage. He was clearly meant to stay with me and I'm now more sure of that than ever.