Sunday, 28 August 2011

Baby shoulder-in

I have a seriously cute pony and I am seriously excited about him! As I completely forgot to book the arena today and Becky was away teaching, Karen rode Brennan at home. The surface is not very forgiving but at least it has dried out enough now to no longer be slippery. As well as working on downwards transitions (which were a bit messy yesterday), Karen had a play with some shoulder in and did a couple of very snazzy halt and walk to canter transitions - Clever, clever pony and clever rider!

In other news, we have started to pull his mane *horrors!*. Honestly I felt sick when Karen started but I know it is going to create a neater and more harmonious picture plus it will make those hunter braids for dressage that much easier to achieve. He's not only going to be a smart performer when out and about but he is going to look pretty darned snazzy too!

And in more exciting news, Brennan's new saddle should be here by the middle of September. I desperately wanted to support a NZ business but in the end the strong NZ dollar and the incredibly low American prices meant that I have ordered his new Wintec Pro (with contourbloc) from a site in the States. The package deal includes all 6 gullets, gullet gauge, white saddle pad, Wintec webbers, stirrups and girth. A package that would cost close to $2500 if purchased here in NZ has cost me, so far, $985. I am just waiting for it to clear customs (where I expect to be required to pay another 20% in GST and Duty charges) getting it to me for under $1200. Does this remind anyone of a certain Rugby jersey story that was headline news here recently?

The Horse & Pony is out and our ad is in and looks pretty good. I have had a couple of inquiries and interest in Hamish for AI so am now considering building a dummy mare here at home and having Hamish trained so that both boys can be available via AI. If we can collect here at home, I am tempted to make Brennan available by AI only but will make that decision as and when.

Here are today's photos of my superstar pony and his fabulous rider: