Saturday, 24 September 2011

Brennan goes XC - Wheeeeeeeeee!

Today was very exciting for both pony, owner and, I think, riders because it was Brennan's first time out on a XC course and out in wide open spaces cantering and jumping with other horses. He was a super good boy and took it all in his stride. Not surprisingly he was a tiny bit on his toes to start and shouted a few times but who could blame him really as it was busy and there were lots of other horses calling out so he probably thought it would be rude to ignore them, haha! It was just the best sort of life experience for him ever today and I am thrilled with how well he performed. The jumps were teeny tiny but it was not about getting him to show how high he can jump, it was about making the experience fun and educational for the pony and absolutely not over-facing him and I know we succeeded in our goal of doing this. I must take a moment to thank Kim who came all the way from Wellington to ride him for me and Karen for offering instruction and guidance and for catching the loose horse that came straight for us at the end of the day (see Karen, I knew the bucket with feed in it would come in handy!!).

I took a few photos and was lucky enough to have Nick come over after his stint at the Farmer's Market so he kindly wielded the video camera for me. Here are the results:

Getting started over a cross pole
Warming up
Warming up
Warming up
More zoomin'
Leapin' (well, not quite)
Off the bank
Careful pony
Lovin' the logs
Jumpin' tyres
Up a bank
All done - good pony