Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Bye bye Rory

Yesterday another baby flew the nest and now I am sad. Rory (TF Rory O'Moore) is by Coalmans Touch and out of my lovely Laughtons Legend mare, Hooty (Wynyard Night Owl) and he was SUPPOSED to be a dark bay filly (so I could retain her for the Irish breeding program) but instead we got a bright red colt! Rory has a wonderful personality and has always been a friendly and gregarious boy, afraid of nothing and into everything. Yesterday as I prepared him for his road trip with a brush and a yummy feed he decided to check out the inside of the tack shed/shipping container. Nothing phases this boy, I tell you! The truck arrived to take him away and I had to hold him back as he was ready to get on before we were ready to let him! There was a silly kicking, screaming TB in the compartment behind him but he could care less. On he marched and away he went off on his new adventure, leaving me standing at the bottom of the driveway in a puddle of tears.

Bon voyage Rorror, I know I can't keep them all but you truly are one right out of the box and I will miss you very, very much. Be a good boy now and please keep in touch xoxox

So what do you think you might find in here Rory?
Rory the day before departure - Aged 18 months
Final TF nomnoms
A career in modelling perhaps?
Best kisses in the world
Bestest, softest, most kissable whiskery nose
Waiting oh so patiently
Loading like a pro
Some nibbles to say farewell
Door's up and he's on his way