Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Silas day 16


This is such a roller coaster ride. Not so great today. Temp is fine, within normal range (and vet really happy about that, as are we!) but he's not feeding at all well - We're still getting something into him but about 1/3 his normal intake. Our vet did not get to us until 6pm so it has been a long day of waiting. We've been trying every hour to tempt him with some milk or foal meal and some times are more successful than others. He has got to his feet by himself a couple of times but his stifle is very, very sore, poor baby boy. It's really doing my head in. It seems so unfair that, in his brief time on this earth, he has had such a rotten time And, we just miss Deb so much that the thought of losing Silas too is more upsetting than words can express. The portrait Nick drew of Debi hangs on our wall and I can barely bring myself to look at her without dissolving into tears.

We have decided that Silas will tell us when he has had enough and right now, he still has some spark in his eye and a very obvious will to live. Tonight we will try feeding him a big dose of oil and electrolytes in the hope that we can help his upset gut plus we will get a good dose of acidophilus yoghurt into him. We will also dilute his milk further. He won't starve and, who knows, perhaps it will be enough to make a difference - maybe his big tough clydie gut is just too efficient? Please continue to keep everything crossed for him.

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  1. Everything is crossed over here "Guys"Looking at Kenzie feeding and dancing away over my fence--she's gorgeous and so happy too.
    Take care and here's praying for Silas