Thursday, 6 November 2008

Silas day 18

So, to today ...

We're finally on the Vetpro foal milk (YAY!) and thanks must go to Sam at Little Avondale Stud and Shirlee & Alicia at Natural Equine, plus we have 10 litres of goat's milk donated by a lovely member of the Lifestyle Block community. John reckons it won't hurt to mix things up a bit for him and as the powder we ordered through Farmlands yesterday was not put on the overnight courier, it has not arrived and cannot be guaranteed to arrive by tomorrow so the goat's milk is an absolute Godsend! 2kg of Vetpro foal milk only makes 10 litres which is about a day's worth of feeds. I also managed to milk another 800ml off Hooty this morning so he had that and some Vetpro for his lunch. Afternoon tea will be goat's milk.

His temperature is up again. 39.1, so not horrifically high but not ideal. Will continue to monitor it and, if it hits 39.3+ and stays there, it's back on penicillin he goes.

We've been giving him anti ulcer meds, which we are continuing with and today we were able to swap the olive oil with paraffin oil and he will be getting 50ml of that three times a day until things are sorted. His poo is definitely improving but he still needs some help to get it out - poor wee boy.

The stifle is still obviously painful for him and he is still struggling to rise to his feet unaided. To be honest, this is the one thing that is most troubling me but we'll keep on trucking and, once he is stronger, if it has not come right, investigate it more closely.

We've also today started him on Transfer Factor, very kindly donated by Sonya Glennie and he has been taking his ulcer medication mixed with Tectonic, again very kindly sent to us by a friend, Anna Low. We cannot emphasise just how grateful we are to all the kind people who are helping us help Silas. I promise to try and get some more photos of him soon.

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