Friday, 5 November 2010

No more orange - Orange BEGONE!

Breeding season is here. Brennan has covered two mares in the last week and we should be collecting for our first AI client next week - Brennan has been learning about serving in hand this week with two mares (one outside and one of my own - Hooty). He learns fast. There is a welsh mare with foal at foot in the paddock to cover so hopefully she will come in to season shortly.

Finally most of his summer coat is through so I took the time to take a few photos today. It's nice to see the back of the orange. I am just so thrilled with how he is maturing and very, very excited to see what he can sire. I kinda wish I had invested in advertising to get the word out about him but it's such a lot of money and I chose to invest it in his AI training instead. We will advertise next season however his stud fee will also increase.

I would love for my blog readers to spread the word about Brennan so, if you suggest him to a friend and your friend signs a contract and breeds her mare to him and mentions your name and this blog, I will give you a $50 commission! So, spread the word!!!