Friday, 6 November 2009

Vale San Barbados

~1st January 1980 - 6 November 2009~

I have few words at this time, only grief at the passing of one of my oldest and dearest friends.

Bados, I will forever miss your startled expression, your soft whickerings, your gentle nudges and your extreme orangeness but you have left your hoof-print firmly embedded in my heart and I will never ever forget you, as long as I live. You were a great character, a one in a million mate and a total gentleman to the end. Love you Beedle bum, run free and, when you see him, be sure and give your wee mate Silas a good scratch on his wither from us.

Shiny boy
Dear old face

and nosey
but today it all just got too hard so I did what I had to and I took away your pain
and now you are free to again gallop across the country leaping those enormous fences just like you used to do. Until we meet again my beautiful boy, rest peacefully.

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Rob Bob just the job!

Here's the big man today. In desperate need of a spring makeover/tidy up but still looking (and feeling) pretty good.

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Wairarapa A&P Show 2009

Well, after the absolutely HIDEOUS weather leading up to this show, I was beginning to wonder if we would even make it! I withdrew Rory from the Sport Horse classes on Saturday because I had really had no chance to do any preparation work with him and I felt it was a bit of a big ask to drag him out of the paddock, literally, and chuck him in at the deep end, especially as I didn't have a spare set of hands to help out so, Meg was it!

Yesterday I gave her a bath and scrubbed her legs and wrapped her up as best as possible and put her in a clean paddock. This morning I had to wake her up and get her out of the paddock. She was quite surprised to see me so early in the morning I think.

Loading and travelling was uneventful and she was very settled tied to the float whilst I primped and preened.

First class was turnout - The ONE class I actually have the ability to win, even if up against flasher bred horses so, I always make a real effort here. Turns out I didn't really have to as we were the only horse entered! Still, she looked a million bucks and the judge seemed to agree so we got our lovely red ribbon.

Next class was the mare class and we were up against Steve Muggeridge's multi champion mare, Taungatara Luscars Joanna - We took second. There was never any doubt in my mind that Meg would not beat Joanna. She's a gorgeous mare and Meg is still quite small and immature next to her.

Best footed was our third class and this was interesting as the judge said that she basically had the best shaped feet of all of the horses but they are a bit smaller than ideal. We were given some trimming tips and NEARLY got second but ended up with a yellow ribbon for this class. Meg was the only barefoot horse in the class and technically, for best footed, the horse should be shod but there was no way I was shelling out $180 for one class at one show just show she would be a little more competitive, especially when she doesn't need shoes.

Last class was the walking class. This was always Debi's class as she would always clean it up and we had high hopes for Meg but the judge, again, had some interesting things to say to us afterwards - he seemed to think that she actually had the best front end, lifted her legs well and was straight but he thought she looked as if she was a bit sore in the back. This could very well be because she pulled back on me yesterday when I was trying to wash her face and I would not be surprised if she was feeling it in her muscles today. No matter, we didn't have to be placed at all and we have something to work on for next time now. A green this time.

Finally the championship class - It was always going to be Joanna's day but lovely for Meg to get the Reserve Champion wide.

All in all, a successful and enjoyable day - Can't wait for Masterton in a few months!

Meg with her haul
Cole, Meg, Joanna
Meg walking
Walking class
Cole & Claude
Meg says 'Hi Boys!'
Meg and her Daddy