Monday, 7 February 2011

Open Day

Well the open day has been and gone and we all survived to tell the tale. Thanks to everyone who came. It was a lovely opportunity for me to show off the boys and the other horses. I think they all really enjoyed the attention too.

Amy made a decoration for the stable
The stable
More stable set-up
Yet more stable set up
Amy next to the brag board
Hamish says 'Cya later'
Scratching Hamish's head
Pretty porse
And another one of Hamish
Brennan chats to Cindy
Brennan at the end of the day
Brennan with Caroline

And today Brennan is a happy boy as he has a new lady visiting. A very sweet little first cross quarter horse mare. She's 19 and not had a foal for about 10 years but she is in good healthy condition so we shall cross her fingers. She was served this afternoon and will be served tomorrow and Wednesday and then will head home.