Saturday, 30 October 2010

Wairarapa Show 2010

This year we have none of our own horses competing at the Wairarapa Show but Aine (TF Summer Solstice) came over from Wellington with her owner Kerry to take part in the Sport Horse classes (in-hand). It was a big day for Aine (2 year old) and she behaved impeccably. Aine is Enya's full sister (Maude x TF Life O'Reilly) so is 3/8 Irish Draft and 5/8 Thoroughbred. She is going to be a big girl and is currently standing rather bum high!

Of course I took my camera and here are a small selection of the photos I took of Aine.

Reserve Champion Junior Sport Horse

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Welcome to the World

At just before 10pm on Friday (22nd October - 335 days gestation) Hooty produced a beautiful big blingy filly foal. Murphy has a funny sense of humour as the same mare produced me a small orange colt when I requested a tall dark bay filly with bling. The next repeat of the same mating and out pops exactly what I ordered but the foal isn't mine! Argh! Anyway, I am thrilled to bits to have another safe foaling out of the way and a mare who has produced yet another 'to die for' baby. I am pleased that she can produce girls, even if she doesn't seem to want to produce them for me!

Now, without further ado, here she is!