Saturday, 12 January 2013

Brennan goes XC

We are mobile again! I have replaced my ancient (and much loved) Landcruiser Prado with a much newer and flasher Toyota. This time a 'Highlander' and I absolutely LOVE it! The Landcruiser has found a new home in Auckland and will be heading that way next week. The Prado has been a pretty faithful workhorse but her age is catching up with her and I made the decision to invest in something newer, helped largely by the sale of two of my beloved youngsters, Summer (TF Summer Breeze) and Enya (TF Celtic Moon). So, newly mobile, today I took Brennan down to Clareville where there was a XC practice day. Probably a little unfair as he has not been jumped in about a year but we just have to take these opportunities when they arise as they arise so rarely! The car performed brilliantly - I did feel a bit like I was driving something I might have stolen though. The pony was pretty good too.

Brennan was very good, all things considered but he did struggle somewhat with the spooky, flappy, cracking flags (it was very windy) and the ditches unnerved him too so there were a few hairy moments but lots of awesome jumping too. Behaviour wise, he was excellent, he just needs mileage mileage mileage. Here are a collection of photos from the day of Brennan with his awesome jumps jockey Louisa Broughton from Wairarapa Equine.