Friday, 6 March 2009

TGIF - and another ride

Today we mooched about the jumps paddock and after a bit of a mooch I popped him on the lunge and over a couple of jumps. He was incredibly lazy, again! Today he was much less interested in the gelding and filly over the fence and listened to me a little more although canter was, again, uglyyyy but I am beginning to think more and more that this is down to my unbalanced and heavy handed riding *sigh*. He was a little fussy with his mouth for me today so I will arrange a visit with the dentist and am going to try a few different bits to see if that might make a difference. No spectacular photos again but as I have Nick supervise when I am riding (in case I come off - always the potential for that!), he brings the camera.

Thursday, 5 March 2009

Today's ride - canter needs work!!

After tweaking my back and wrist somehow on Tuesday (if someone can tell me how I did it, I would be grateful - I'd like to prevent it from happening again!), Reilly had yesterday off but I dragged my butt and his butt out today for a quick session. Once he got over the fact that there was a gelding and a filly in the paddock next to him and two mares and a gelding across from him, he did some not unreasonable work however I struggled with canter - well, we both did. Lisa had a few issues with canter too, especially on the left rein, so this is clearly something we need to work on.

We had a 'moment' when the gelding and filly next door wandered off behind the shed and Reilly decided that he could not possibly cope with them out of his sight but we dealt with that and moved swiftly on. In short, I am happy enough with him but really need to pull finger and ride him more regularly and more consistently!

Coming in
Spotted a girl!
Chilled out
More chilled out
Nearly done
Still going
You will have spotted the lack of canter photos - Well, they all ended up on the cutting room floor! Faaaaaaaar too ugly to share!

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Reilly's got news!

Local amateur SJ rider Lisa Davidson started riding Reilly from today. She will introduce him to poles and, all going well, take him out to do some baby show hunter and show jumping next season. He will stay here and I will ride him 2-3 times a week and Lisa will ride him twice. I get to help her with her team of horses on the days that she is not riding Reilly which is great for me and helpful to her - Win:Win! You just gotta love that! I am very excited to have such a lovely rider teaching my boy and the pressure is now off me to fumble around trying to jump him - he doesn't need me banging on his back and jabbing him in the chops!!! And, I can put thoughts of selling him on hold - YAY!!!

I took some photos of their first ride together today. He was a little argumentative from time to time - didn't like being told what to do, haha! Tough! He also tried to show off to the gelding in the paddock next door - Eejit! Poor Lisa got the 'big trot' performance down the long side a number of times. Glad it wasn't me perched up on top with those short stirrups and a flat seat saddle!!

Waiting patiently
The big trot thing
Canter or piaffe?
You can do it Reils!
Thank you

Monday, 2 March 2009

The wheels on the bus ...

Today Amy caught the bus to school - she has been harping on about doing it since the first week so we organised it for last week and today was the first day. She ends up at school very early and I am not sure how long it will last but she's an independent and determined little pip squeak so we will let her work out if it is the best option or not for herself.

Roscoe waiting for the bus
Roscoe and Amy waiting
Waiting patiently
And off she goes

Not a lot to report on the horse front today. Reilly seems to have had an allergic reaction to something and is covered in raised bumps - looks very odd but does not seem to bother him so if he is not worried, I guess I am not. Rory had a trim today and after some initial hesitance, he worked out it was all very boring really and fell asleep. I gave him the first of a series of 3 injections for strangles and tetanus once we were done and he still loves me so that's good!

Sunday, 1 March 2009

Just a few more photos

Nessy has finally come into full blown season and has been served. Thank goodness! I thought she was never going to oblige. It has been a long season for Hamish with his first mare arriving in October and his last mare not being ready until March!

Rory and Aine are basically ready to be weaned. Aine's new owner came over to see her today and had a wee handling session with her. She pretended she didn't know how to be caught, naughty girl! While Kerry was playing with Aine I took Reilly down to the gully in the paddock and had some fun on the long lead. He's so bold, I have high hopes for him and, hopefully, those hopes will start being realised soon.

Here are some photos of the ginger monster snapped this afternoon.

Growing up - getting bigger!
Boggle-eyed hoon
Handsome boy
28 year old Bados and his 4 month old sidekick

Kidding around down on the farm

Photos from around the farm taken today.

On her throne
Dog & goat survey each other