Saturday, 7 February 2009

Bits and bobs

Water Tanker

The breeding season is finally tailing off - not too soon really, I am a bit over it to be honest. We have the vet coming up Monday to scan two outside mares. Finger's crossed that they are in foal so I can send them on their way home. Yesterday was PG day with the last of the mares. Nessy had her shot and will be teased tomorrow to see how she is coming along and Alii didn't need the shot in the end as was gazing longingly over the gate at Hamish with her tail up when we went to go and catch and jab her - a lucky escape for her!

This was the first time Hamish has served a mare with foal at foot and I was a bit nervous about it. Both Robbie and Reilly have served wet mares in the past with no problems but the first time is always a little bit of a worry. Turns out we were worrying about nothing. We teased Alii (hardly required, Hamish's proximity to her was enough to let us know she was ready) with her foal, Ruahine, in the foal yard and Alii in the serving yard. Alii is quite a big (a good 16.1HH) mare and it took Hamish a few tries before he hit the jackpot but she stood exceptionally well and everything went without a hitch. Hamish was fascinated by the foal and spent a lot of time talking to her while she mouthed frantically at him and Alii poked her backside in his face. We will serve again on Sunday and finally on Tuesday morning and then Alii will go home for her scan a couple of weeks later and we will all cross our fingers and toes!

The water tanker came today to fill up our tank. $220 for half a tank of water - ouch! Now I hope it starts falling from the sky and soon!

Our Penny goat is poorly. Noticed yesterday that she was quieter than usual and by last night I knew she really was not feeling well. Last night we gave her a dose of ketol and a wormer and this morning she ate some willow branches and had another dose of ketol. Her temperature is within normal range and she did seem a wee bit brighter by late morning so hopefully, whatever it was is on its way. If there is no improvement by tomorrow I will get John to take a look at her when he is here to scan mares. We're very fond of our Penny and hope she is going to be ok!

Thursday, 5 February 2009

Mighty Heights

Anyone who reads this blog regularly will know just how much I adore and rate my little Mighty Heights son, Reilly. A couple of weeks ago Karen Teague, Mighty Height's (Deebs to his friends) owner and rider had a nasty fall from a young horse and broke her neck. Thankfully she is a tough cookie and a fast healer and she is doing really well but as a result of being temporarily out of action, she is finally getting around to putting together some video/photos of her lovely boy and the first video went up on Youtube today so, here it is! I just LOVE this horse!!

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

A tale of a tail

Today was my first attempt at trying to work out what to do with Meg's tail for the show. This seems to be ok but think I might try to take the plait a little further down next time. Obviously the sprigs will be plaited up and there will be ribbon and a bow around the 'bun'. Debi was docked as is Robbie so I am new to undocked tails and really had no idea what I was going to do.
Tomorrow I will try and rope Nick into a practise run with the mane roll - I am not sure who is going to hate that more - Me, Nick or Meg!!!

I wonder if her tail should be cut shorter or if I should run another plait down to the end?
Close up - Imagine a pretty boy and ribbons around the bun and wrapped sprigs!

Monday, 2 February 2009

Amy's first day at school!

Somehow, whilst my back was turned, my little girl grew up! OK, so she is only five and hardly flying the coup but she's a big school girl and she was so excited this morning when we took her and left her there. I had the smallest of lumps in my throat but her little face was absolutely radiant and she couldn't wave us goodbye fast enough!

Amy's a bit puzzled
At the school gates
At home before leaving
Backpack's on, we're ready to go!
School's all good when you are five!
The face of an angel? ...

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Meg - Getting there slowly

Well it's show time in a couple of weeks and I have been doing my best to prepare Meg. She's getting brushed every day and a small feed with some supplements to hopefully get her blooming from the inside. Not sure if there is much difference. I suppose there is. The photos are awful because I would stand her up and then as soon as I moved away to take the photo, she tried to follow me! She is very settled in her paddock and really getting the hang of the routine.

Here she is today:



It has been a busy weekend with two more mares arriving for breeding to the boys. Tomorrow is going to be particularly hectic as both mares are due to be served. The first, a bay mare by a Zabeel colt (contracts arriving tomorrow so will know more detail) suffers from windsucking/infection problems since a difficult foaling a few years ago left her quite badly torn so she is to be 'unzipped', scanned and hopefully served tomorrow afternoon.

The second mare, a rangy grey by Light Spirits, has a lovely Ramirez foal at foot and, when teased today tried to attack Hamish so she will be sedated and we will try again tomorrow. She is definitely in season but very anti a stallion being anywhere near her baby, even with baby safely protected in the breeding yard. Finger's crossed tomorrow we will have success so both mares can go home.