Saturday, 24 September 2016

Tempi's first crack at XC

Today we took Tempi down to Solway to have a look around the grounds and some of the XC fences. She was as green as spring grass (sheep tracks are cavernous pony eating holes that one MUST be VERY wary of and show jumping poles may just leap up and attack so best not to get too close to those either) but there were some very pleasing moments and I am very proud of what a super pony she is and the potential she shows. Clarissa rode her beautifully and even though she was very well behaved, she did make her work pretty hard for these results. Here are some photos.

Sunday, 18 September 2016

Ailbhe's first ridden competition

Consistency was the order of the day for Ailbhe who attended the Rotorua Spring Spectacular Dressage Series in Taupo today. This was HRO's (His Royal Orangeness) very first under saddle competition and he completed 2 tests for 2 scores over 65% and two 4th place rosettes. Safe to say I am super proud of his performance and I think his rider/other mother Juliet is too! Right from the beginning Ailbhe has been a very special horse and whilst life with Ailbhe has not been without its ups and downs, I truly feel like these are well and truly behind us as I watch him go from strength to strength with Juliet. What a ride!