Sunday, 19 September 2010

Spring storm ...

and what a doozy it has been! Power out for 18 hours over the weekend, rain, rain and MORE rain with a goodly dose of gale force wind thrown in for good measure!

The sun came out for a few hours today so I brought Brennan in for a saddle fitting session. I didn't ride because I was by myself and it was still very breezy and, well, I am a wuss! Plenty of time for riding anyway. I also took the opportunity to wave the measuring stick in his direction and it looks like he has made 14HH, which is great!

I think the saddle will be ok - It's going to be hard finding something that fits us both which is always going to be a problem. I have started down the weight loss road again - has to happen for Brennan and I am sure that I will feel better for it. The good news is that my weight plus the weight of my saddle is less than what Brennan has been used to so hopefully I won't literally break him once I do start riding him.

Brennan in the flatseat