Saturday, 19 April 2008

Reilly's 1st (baby) XC Clinic

Not really a lot I can say that is not told by the photos. Reilly was just super, super cool today and tried his heart out for his mum who, lets face it, was shi**ing her pants about today! I'll just let the photos tell the story - Thank God the hail storm held off until the very end!!!
Making friends :o)

Warming up

Warming up

Warming up - some of the group in shot

More warming up!

Lets get trotting

See, I can trot!

And trot s'more

Group shots...

And around a corner

Easy as you please



Getting the hang of FORWARD

Over a wee log

Haha, bit small really!

Still a bit small!

I just jumped off a bank and I LOVED IT!
Bank complex (yeah I know, small again)

Don't look down mum!

Reilly, you're a star!

Love ya!