Thursday, 20 March 2014

Portia's home!

Portia has been away at stud but sadly she sulked/pined the entire time and refused, point blank, to cycle so, no baby donkey for us next season. Now she is home she is absolutely over the moon and had a blast kicking up her heels with Meg early this evening. I don't actually think Portia realises she is a donkey and consequently didn't understand all the long-eared creatures she has spent the last four months living with. Meg on the other hand, well as far as Portia is concerned, Meg is Portia's soul mate and the yin to her yang - having the two together again is wonderful. Meg was VERY enthusiastic having her long eared friend along for the ride tonight and kicked up her heels and generally bounced around the paddocks like a spring lamb. I felt vaguely in control for some of our ride and really quite out of control for even more of it!! For a big horse, Meg can be pretty impressively athletic when she wants to be!

 Drag racing the donkey - donkey winning!

 Hurry up Portia

 Just about in control

Wondering where the brakes have gone! 

 Ooo, who's that?!?!

 Meeting Portia for the first time


 You're in the way Portia!
 Andrew Nicholson, eat yer heart out!

 Donkey see, donkey do

 Meg trying to decapitate me early in the ride