Friday, 28 December 2012

Summer and Tempi - Together ... almost!

On Wednesday I shifted Maddie and Summer out of the raceway (they have done an awesome job of chewing parts of it out) and in with their new room-mates, Bernie and Tempi. The foals are still eyeing each other suspiciously so I like to go up to their paddock and stand in the middle which encourages the two of them to get closer as they just cannot help but approach me. In no time they will be playing and their mothers are settled enough now to ignore me completely and carry on eating. I am looking forward to capturing some play photos!

Summer has now been sold to a lovely local family and will be living less than 10 minutes away which is super for me as it means I will be able to see her regularly as she grows up. I know her new owners are pretty excited although I am not sure who is more excited, the kids or their mum! I also know that I am going to have to face up to selling Tempi too, although I have only tentatively advertised her on an on-line social networking site and not publicly out in the 'Real World'. She's just a super package and I am sure is going to make a very lucky rider/owner, very very happy!

The horses are all fat and happy and I have enjoyed having some time over the Christmas break to wander through the paddocks and enjoy a bit of quiet time with them. Enya is always particularly happy to see me and I can't wait to see her under saddle. She is another who is going to make someone very happy, especially with her inquiring and cheerful attitude to life and to people. It's going to be very hard to say good-bye to her when the time comes but hopefully I will be able to find that perfect home which will make it all the easier. She should be under saddle in the coming months and I feel sure she is going to take to that new chapter of her life with great enthusiasm.

As I type this I hear the gentle fall of rain on the roof and am grateful to the weather Gods for providing us with such a wonderful late Christmas present. We've had to buy water already once this summer (never a good sign when you have to buy water in December!) and our hay paddocks have been looking a little sparse but the last few days rainfall should serve well to perk everything up a bit, in preparation for cutting in the coming weeks.

Here are today's photos of, you guessed it, my precious babies:

If you are reading this and think you could offer the perfect home to Tempi, please feel free to EMAIL ME. All serious offers at or around $4k considered, plus we will consider time payments.

Monday, 24 December 2012

Tempi - TF Temperance Brennan

Tempi (followers of 'Bones' the TV series or Kathy Reich's fans will understand the name connection) is not officially on the market but I am happy to register any expressions of interest. This classy filly is exceptionally well bred with Aberlou, Superstud, Laughtons Legend and Mellay all being in the first few generations of her dam's pedigree. Her dam (Rei Huia Bernadette) herself performed extremely well in her only season in competition with a nearly faultless ESNZ record. Tempi's sire comes from a family of well performed all-round ponies and has relations (both ponies and hacks) competing at the highest levels in eventing and Show Jumping both here in NZ and overseas. Tempi oozes quality and is arguably the best sport horse foal that we have bred to date. Not only will she jump (hoping her mother does not teach her any bad paddock fence jumping habits before she is weaned!!) but with the uphill, elastic and athletic movement that she displays, she won't be out of place in the dressage or show rings either. The consummate all-rounder :) 

A really top home will be sought for this filly and whilst we never turn away fabulous non-competitive homes, we will ideally be looking for someone who intends to campaign her under saddle. If I cannot find the right home, I will retain her and she will be professionally produced and campaigned under our stud banner but I think my husband might divorce me if I tell him this so someone better come along and buy her, fast!!!

Maddy and Brennan's filly TF Summer Breeze has been sold to a fantastic local home and has a new family who are desperately excited and happy (and a little impatient) to welcome her in to their family. 

Mads and Summer are grazing the races which makes it really hard for me to get photos as Summer is always far too close/in my face. I am going to work on that over the holiday period too as it is about time I got some updated photos of her out. But, for now, it's Tempi, in all her absolute gorgeousness, aged 16 days.

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Bernie's Baby & Brennan's Dressage Results

I must say that being so busy is great but the 60 hour weeks are kind of getting in the way of my blogging a bit! Whilst I seem to have a moment to draw breath, I had better update you all on the latest happenings around here ...

Last Friday, in the early hours, Rei-Huia Bernadette (Hifalutin x Shannon/Laughtons Legend) foaled a beautiful leggy chestnut filly with four stockings and a big splat on her head. The foal was a total surprise to me when I went out on Friday morning to muck and feed out as Bernie had given NO indication that she was anywhere near ready to foal and the foal was a couple of weeks earlier than expected. Fortunately mum and baby were both healthy and strong and my foaling season was done! Just like that!

This filly is a very close relation to my gorgeous Ailbhe, being by Brennan and out of a Laughtons Legend Granddaughter. I think this makes them something like 2/3 siblings but don't quote me on that! She's a tall/leggy filly and very much a feminine version of Ailbhe. In other words, stunning! How lucky am I?! She's supposed to be for sale but I am so sorely tempted to keep her. Argh!!

Here are some photos. Not up to my usual standard but I am finding it hard to get out with the camera in the right light as I am so rarely home at the moment. I am sure I will be able to manage better soon tho, it's Christmas after all and in NZ that means SUMMER HOLIDAYS! Not sure I am actually getting a holiday this year but I should at least get some summer evenings.

 Yes, she IS straight!

On Sunday Brennan had his first starts in affiliated competition at Level 2. He did not perform as well as we know he is capable of and the heat seemed to take a lot of the wind from his sails. In other words, he was pretty flat! Poor Karen was as red as a beet after the first test, I think she felt like she had flapped her way through it like a kid on a Thelwell pony. I assured her that it did not look nearly as bad as it felt for her and the judges must have agreed as they still gained two perfectly respectable scores and placings [2.2 - 61.613% (4th) & 2.4 - 62.308% (3rd)]  - The only pony in the competition, again. We even won money, more than half our entry fees back! Woot! And yes, I took some photos:

Good boy Brennan - Well ridden Karen!

Tomorrow Ailbhe and Tora are gelded and, on that note, I should go to bed because we have another early start tomorrow! Good night :)