Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Silas day 17, Pt I

Hmmm, this morning is OK, just OK. He's still shi**ing bricks, despite the acidophilus and weakened milk. He drank about 1100 at 4.00am and at 8am downed 1100 but I went back up 15 minutes later to check his temperature (38.4) and he finished his bottle but he would not get up. I also gave him 100ml of olive oil (no paraffin or cod liver handy). Now will wait for that to pass through his system. Hopefully we will have some Vetpro milk to try soon, just got to work out how we pay for it, although, we have had the most wonderful support from so many people that it is going to be a lot easier than if we were doing it all on our own.

To all the people who have helped us, I know many of you read this blog, please know that your help means everything to us and we are more grateful than I can express in words here. When we get Silas through the other side of this, we will have a huge party and you are ALL invited!

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